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What is Cross Platform?

Cross platform mean that the website will look and function the same across different operating systems and browsers.
Developing Web supports the following browsers by default:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and higher.
  • Chrome.
  • Firefox 4 and greater.
  • Safari 4 and greater.

We provide extra support for older platforms a well for an additional cost, supporting older systems can also restrict your site from using modern features found in new browsers.

Framework or CMS, which do you need?

What is a Framework?

A Framework is a library of code which tries to enforce design patterns commonly used by programmers. It also contains a lot of well tested code so no need to reinvent the wheel again.

A framework reduces security vunerabilies and makes code easier to maintain. A framework is slower to get started when building a website compared to a CMS but is much easier to manipulate and makes changes down the track.


  • Usually lightweight and easy to extend.
  • Building any type of web application is possible using a framework.


  • A lot of code needs to still be written.
  • People who are not programmers can not edit content of website easily by default. This can be added as a feature and is not too difficult.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is also a library of code, however it is more focused on making it easier for a person who is not a programmer to update a websites contents. They are usually designed to be extensible by programmers as well. There is usually more code supplied in a framework as it tries to provide you with as much features by default as possible. This also has the effect of making the code slow and harder to extend as it has been built to try and suit every situation.


  • Gets a website built in a minimal set of time.
  • Content editable by non-programmers.


  • Code bloat, usually much slower on performance, can be improved with advanced caching techniques.
  • Harder to extend or change if outside of what it does by default.

Which one should I use for my web application?

If you plan on having a lot of custom changes on your web application that are outside of what a standard website does then you will be better of starting with a framework. If you need something that you can update regularly by yourself and is very much a content driven website that is managed by people who are non-programmers then a CMS system is for you.