SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

The two sides of SEO.

There are two sides to Search Engine Optimization. The first is optimisation of the website and includes the following:

  • Preventing duplication of title/description.
  • Clean HTML markup.
  • Canonicalization of urls to prevent duplicate content.
  • Keyword optimization of content in your pages to include the words/phrases you want to be found in.
  • Speed delivery of the site, this means having a fast server as well as good caching.
  • Having a xml sitemap, as well as a user sitemap.
  • Having a blog with quality content.
  • Making good use of different headers.

The second side is gaining domain authority. This is getting other sites that are related to your site to give juice to your site.
They should also have good domain authority as well. The higher the page authority you also get the link on will also increase your overall pagerank.

Long Term Commitment

SEO is a long term commitment and an ongoing task because a lot of manual work is involved with building traffic. You also must be careful to avoid going with companies that offer instant results as they are most likely using blackhat techniques which will give you short term gain but see you get penalized in the long term.