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All comments on the website are the full responsibility of the user who posted them and are and do not reflect the views of the website or the author of the original post. Developing Web takes no responsibility for any comments posted on the website and can't confirm if they are of any merit. Developing Web does not condone any illegal activity, as well as malicious, explicit, pornographic or damaging content or any content that facilitates or links to any content of this nature. Developing web also forbids any malicious software including but not limited to spyware, viruses, Trojan horses and data collect whether systematic or automated being uploaded or used on the Developing Web Servers. If a user is found to breach these restrictions Developing Web reserves the right to remove the content and software, ban your account, ban your IP address, contact your ISP and request that they ban you from our site at Developing Web's sole discretion.

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Developing Web does not have any control of any content outside the Developing Web domain an thus does not take any responsibility for any content outside the domain, this covers any site that is linked to the site, through back linking or any other means. We do however seek to keep our site to the highest integrity and welcome any feedback about these links.

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Developing Web does publish content in accordance with all relevant laws in the country in which it is written. It is possible that the location from which a user views the website may have different laws that conflict with these laws, if this is the case Developing Web does not condone or take any responsibility for violation of these laws.

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At Developing Web we publish content with the goal of helping the users to solve their problems, though we take no responsibility for what users do with our advice. With this in mind we are happy that you distribute our work with the same intentions, if you are to do so it is your responsibility to add the author and a URL link back to the original content when referencing it in any way or risk litigation if this is not done.

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Developing Web reserves the right to limit access to parts of or the whole site at our sole discretion without prior notice or explanation. If a user creates or is issues a password that allows access to the site the user must take all reasonable efforts to keep this password safe. If a user knows their password to be comprised or believes their password may have been compromised they need to contact Developing Web immediately. It is the user's responsibility for any use of the site using their account. A user cannot use another user's account without their expressed permission. Developing Web reserves the right to ban a user's account without prior notice or explanation.

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By receiving any service, product or personalized advice from Developing Web (from here on known as a client) you not only accept the above disclaimer but also the following disclaimer.

Developing Web Liability

Developing Web will not be liable for all of the following loss of income, loss of saving and any direct or indirect damages cause by using the advice, service or product offered by Developing Web or any advice, service or product offered by a third party. All products, services and advice offered by Developing Web are taken "as is" and don't come with any sort of warranty.

Illegal Activity

Developing Web doesn't allow any illegal activity to be facilitated through our servers as well as any illegal software to be stored or distributed through our servers. Pornography or links to pornography are also prohibited on our servers and if any user has stakes, shares or ownership of any site that distributes, hosts or stores pornography they cannot become a client.

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Developing Web will be the sole arbiter in deciding if these terms have been breached. Breaching the terms will result in all content hosted by Developing Web to be removed immediately and all services terminated with no refund.

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Changes to the Disclaimer

In the event of changes to our Disclaimer we will update the above; the last update to the Disclaimer was on 08/09/2013